Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner,s Complete Timeline of Their Relationship

This year, there was speculation that the model Kendall Jenner and musical artist Bad Bunny ( Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner ) were starting a romance after which a few months later, things appear to remain in good shape. Jenner has broken up with her on-and-off former boyfriend Devin Booker in 2022, and was reported to be living a single life.

Then Bad Bunny Then Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, or Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, took the woman off her feet. Here’s their relationship timeline thus far.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner February 2023

The pair first came having a night out on a date in Beverly Hills. Jenner along with Ocasio were seen leaving Wally’s which is a popular restaurant for the wealthy and famous. E! News stated it was reported that Hailey along with Justin Bieber were also at the restaurant, which could indicate that they were having two dates — or that everyone was looking for breakfast at the same time.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner March 2023

The couple was at a bar in West Hollywood in early March eating dinner with their friends. They hugged each other and maybe a kiss prior to leaving. Then, towards the close of the month the rapper was talking about his new girlfriend on the track by Eladio Carrrion “Coco Chanel.”

The lyrics of the song sing “I’m not bad, baby that’s a gimmick / But the sun in Puerto Rico is hotter than in Phoenix / She knows it.”

Booker Jenner’s ex is a member of Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Booker. He plays for the Phoenix Suns. In the song the singer shouts “Scorpio women,” which Jenner’s birthstone. An insider said to US Weekly that month that Jenner was not “really looking to date anybody.”

“Things are not official between Kendall and Bad Bunny Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, but they’re seeing each other on a regular basis and getting to know each other better,” an source said. Jenner’s affections had been “starting to grow” after “spending more time” with Jenner.

“It’s not very formal, yet she does like him and is open to what happens with him. Kendall likes the way she’s treated with respect and can make her laugh,” the insider added. “He’s extremely charming and she thinks he’s an excellent man. While things aren’t entirely new, she is definitely seeing the potential.”

In the month of March they were spotted dining out again, and an eyewitness reported that they had been “openly kissing” and “being very affectionate.”

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner April 2023

Then, in April TMZ revealed that Jenner and her husband were horseback riding The couple’s relationship has definitely become heated. On the 15th of April, Jenner watched Bad Bunny’s performance at Coachella in Indio, California, and was photographed dancing with the stage on TikTok. In the following weekend, Jenner was also snapped by his side while he spoke at her from the audience.

They then spotted in a group in Tyler the Creator’s performance on the streets of Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 26, in casual attire and smiling as they strolled down the streets.

On the 29th of April, on a Saturday the pair were spotted in NYC going to Carbone the famous restaurant. Later, they went to Pergola for drinks after dinner and then left in the blue Mercedes. The night was a night to remember, Jenner stunned in a Asymmetrical crop top with a sleeveless sleeve which was paired with her dark brown miniskirt, which was trimmed with brown fuzz. Jenner topped her look off by wearing knee-high leather boots that were adorned with belt-style details.

The rapper was wearing black slacks, an orange and black leather jacket, and black sunglasses. He wore black square-toe boots, and an gold chain on his neck.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner May 2023

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner did not walk along the Met Gala red carpet, however, they did attend an after-party with each other.

A source said to People the same day that the couple was getting “more serious.”

“They are extremely cute together. Kendall is content,” the source said. “He is a very fun person. He is a gentleman, and charming. She enjoys his manner of speaking. He’s very chilled.”

“It was a slow start, but they spend almost every day together now,” the source added. “He is with her and she goes out with his. It’s more of a friendship at present. Kendall isn’t seeing anyone other than herself. She really loves him.”

On May 11th, E! announced the news that Bunny and Jenner took a vacation together with their friends. A TikTok report revealed this, with Bunny and Jenner being seen together in a picture shot by photographer Renell Medrano and posted to his account. The page was eventually taken off. A screen shot from the video featuring Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner is still online.

A different source said to UsWeekly on the day of the interview, “Things are going really well for Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner and she definitely believes that there is a long-term future with him. She believes she’s got everything he’s missing and is a true gentleman.”

The report also said that she is “really attracted” to the artist’s confidence.

“They are having a great time together, and she appreciates that he gets along with all of her friends,” the source stated. “They complement each other on so many levels and she’s enjoying getting to know him better every day.”

In May, the pair were seen in the court at the Lakers playoff game in Los Angeles.

A source on May 24 revealed more details on Entertainment Tonight about how Jenner and Bunny’s relationship was developing. “He is not only spending more time with Kendall, but with the rest of the family as well,” the source explained.

The source said there’s “potential” for the pair’s relationship to develop into something greater “long term,” the source said. “They’re both always laughing and smiling together and have similar family values.” Jenner herself is “enjoying their low-key relationship and is excited about where they’re headed.”

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner June 2023

In June, interviews featuring Jenner and Bunny were published in which the two discussed their desire to keep their relationship private.

Bunny said to Rolling Stone of keeping his private life secret, “I know something is going to be revealed. I’m sure people are likely to make a statement. The world knows everything about me and what’s left to safeguard? Private life of mine, my private life.”

If asked if he would like to dispel any rumors regarding the relationship between him and Jenner He recited the following sentence: “That’s the only answer. The sole thing I’m entitled to in my life is privacy.”

Jenner spoke to WSJ magazine, in the meantime, she said that she had “no comment” on Bunny.

“I try [to] find the balance of keeping things private and keeping things sacred, [and] also not letting the unfortunate frustration and stress of everyone trying to get in on it stop me from enjoying my side,” she said. “Does this make sense? I’ll go to my way to handle things as private as I can since I believe it’s the most effective method of handling relationships in general.”

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner July 2023

A source informed People they know that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner took a trip together at Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club in Harrison, Idaho.

The source said they were “really cute” and “so happy together,” saying, “They definitely seem in love and very serious. They’re very nice. Kendall is so laid back that a lot of people don’t even realize who she is.”

Jenner as well as Bad Bunny were also seen on the streets of West Hollywood on July 27 for a date night with each other with Bad Bunny at Sushi Park. Sushi Park is among their top places and they were photographed with their friends in the late part of June.

The same day, on the show The Kardashians, Jenner shared that her mother Kris gave custom dollhouses to each of her siblings at Christmas. They also decorated her in hopes of bringing about the idea of a wedding.

“She put an engagement ring in mine, because she thought it was manifesting an engagement for me,” she confessed in an open confessional. “So if that tells you anything about where my mom wants me to be in life.”

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner August 2023

Photos and videos showing Jenner with Bunny kissing and displaying PDA were released during Drake’s Los Angeles concert together. The night was the most romantic public outings to date since they began meeting up.

In the month of August Bunny was seen to softly begin their romance on the Instagram Stories. He posted a video of an individual he referred to as “mami” whose voice resembled Jenner’s. He also was wearing the “K” initial necklace in one picture and showed an image of her tequila line of 818 in a second.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner September 2023

Through the month of March, Jenner and Bunny were on a number of public appearances that included the Met Opera in New York City and at Gucci’s fashion show in Milan.

Bunny also revealed the reason he’s so opposed to talking about his relationship with Jenner in an Vanity Fair profile published in the middle of September.

In response to those who do not approve of his relationship with Jenner. He said “they don’t know what you feel. They don’t understand what you’re doing. They don’t have any idea that I would wish to let them know. I’m not particularly interested in addressing anything as I’m not bound to explain anything to anyone. I’m clear, as is my good friend Jomar (Davila) is crystal clear and my mother is as well. These are the sole people to whom I need to clarify any issue. Regarding Juliana Dominguez from Mississippi [a random name for a fanI do not have anything I have to explain to her. Never. Anything.”

“There are people who say that artists have to put up with it,” he said. “I don’t have to take any and all since I’m an artist. In the end, just listen to me because you’d like to. I won’t make you listen to me.”

He also stated that he’s not planning to be married to anybody. When asked if he would like traditional weddings, like weddings or kids and children, he replied, “no, I don’t think so,” saying that at a minimum “not now.”

Just a few days after their appearance at Gucci’s fashion show. Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner appeared in Gucci’s most recent campaign. Which was released the 30th of September.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner October 2023

In advance of his appearance on SNL on the 21st of October the singer appeared to subliminally reference his relationship to Jenner in his promotional. Bunny is seen squashing a mosquito with the caption reading “be careful.”

The same comment was made in a post to the Instagram Story of him and Jenner hiking in August. He said to her “mami, be careful” because of the mosquitoes. This video was thought to be an element of his soft announcement of their relationship on his social media accounts. Since Jenner didn’t appear on camera however the voice of Jenner was clearly heard.

On the day of his performance Jenner was with him to attend the SNL After party at L’Avenue.

The following week, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner were photographed having brunch together on the 29th of October in The Beverly Hills Hotel after Jenner’s Halloween celebration the night before. A person who saw them reported them as “being cute and affectionate” to TMZ.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner November 2023

On the 14th of November, Jenner sparked some concern among followers on Instagram that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner could be facing problems in their relationship. Jenner posted an image on Instagram photo of a sunset and an accompanying caption reading, “what’s meant for me, will simply find me.” One person who commented on the post said that the photo sounded like a breakup however. No news surfaced indicating any problems among Jenner or Bunny. Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner did not discuss their relationship neither did they discuss their status.

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