iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 8 Pro

The iPhone-versus-Android debate is always intense, and I’m here to add fuel to the fire.

I tested Google’s and Apple’s latest high-end models which are The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Pixel 8 Pro in a side-by-side fashion to evaluate everything from camera quality to display life to battery life. Both phones aren’t inexpensive (you’re considering starting costs up to 1,000 dollars) So here are some lessons learned from my experiences using both phones in hopes that they will help you make a better decision.

Camera Comparison and AI features

Unsurprisingly, cameras are among the main areas of attention when launching a new phone.

I would like to congratulate my fellow members of the Pixel 8 lineup for having an amazing variety of AI features incorporated into both videos and photos. The Pixel 8 lineup includes Magic Editor which allows you to remove and move people, alter backgrounds, and arrange objects however you’d like to create an perfect image that’s Instagram-friendly (whether this is ethical is another matter).

There’s Also the Best Take that sifts through photographs and lets you swap faces. If someone is blinking in a single photo for instance you can swap it with a different one where they’re staring towards the camera. It’s a excellent image that shows everyone looking the best they can (and I’m not yelling at my colleagues for squinting).

Another feature I’ve had amusement playing around with I’ve been enjoying the the Audio Magic Eraser that allows you to edit distracting background noises in your video, be it music, wind or the noise of crowds. It’s not perfect; I tried it on some of the CNET video clips I’ve made and it muffled my voice, however, it’s a decent improvement at first.

However, AI isn’t all there is. As cool as these features are I’m not sure what frequency I’d use these features. Let’s look at the quality of the pictures on both phones.

If you take regular images that do not have any effects results, they are shockingly identical. The colors are barely different and everything appears sharp and real.

The changes started when I switched to portrait mode. When I was photographing a teacup my Pixel 8 Pro did a fantastic job of making sure that the whole cup was in sharp focus. However, iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Max struggled to keep the rim of the tea cup sharp, which means the heart-shaped design on the inside is not of focus, just like the background. You can, however, adjust the blur level by changing the aperture settings either prior to or after taking the photo. Portrait mode lets you alter the focus after you’ve taken the picture.

Portrait mode for humans led to fewer inconsistent images. In reality, there was not any difference between the photos I took of my friend Viva. The backgrounds blur in the same way and Viva is perfectly sharp in the background. Colors on the iPhone are a bit more warm, but both are fantastic photos.


Selfies can be distinguished by the difference in color. On the Pixel the colors appear brighter even my skin and my wall. On the iPhone the colors are a little more warm, and shadows are more dark. However, it’s worth mentioning that you can set the look of a photographer or modify it to change the colors and contrast exactly how you like.


When it comes to night mode night mode, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the clear winner. In this image from my garden in my dim space, I found that the phone did a superior job of enhancing the brightness and making it appear clearer.


Videos Stabilization and Cinematic mode

I utilize Cinematic mode quite often to create a dramatic appearance and I wanted to test how each performs these shots. The iPhone does an excellent job of ensuring that the subject is in sharp focus, even while I move. However, I was a bit dissatisfied with the Pixel. When I took a video of the decorative pumpkins, their edges appeared somewhat sloppy when the phone tried to decide the best way to blur them and when to blur. (Check out the video below for an illustration.)

It’s true that the Pixel iPhone and the Pixel iPhone both feature video stabilization by default, which means the results are similar. I shot a couple of photos during a walk, and they’re a bit shakey, but not terrible without stabilization or a gimbal.

Action mode in the iPhone allows for even more smoother images However, you need to have enough light to function. The Pixel also comes with a similar mode, called Active Video Stabilization which is more robust than the default settings. Both phones allow you to choose which settings for video you require to create the perfect video.

Differences in display

The first place I can discern the differences between the two phones is the display. Its display has a brighter sharp and clear look and the colors pop into your eyes. Colors on the Pixel 8 Pro as a contrast, are a bit muted, even if I crank up the brightness. However, the display remains impressive and clear.

The distinctions are most evident when I’m watching videos. On YouTube for instance the video clips on the Pixel feature an overtone that is more gray to them, whereas color in the iPhone are slightly brighter and more warm. This is true even when I switch on the True Tone in my iPhone or the Adaptive color mode in the Pixel. Although the Pixel technically has more brightness, what makes it apart from other displays is its greater the contrast, and that’s the reason the colors appear brighter. You’ll be able receive quality from both devices I’ve just been impressed by the more sharper images that’s on display in the iPhone.

How long do batteries last?

Battery life is probably one of the top factors to consider when looking for a new mobile. Why would you spend that much cash if it’s not going to last for the entire day?

It’s a good thing that’s not the case for either of these phones. In my non-scientific test where I watched YouTube videos for hours on both phones and tablets, both phones performed well. The iPhone 15 Pro Max lasted approximately 22 hours, while Pixel 8 Pro lasted for about 16 hours. Pixel 8 Pro lasted about 16 hours. According to the battery test conducted by CNET and tests, both phones performed better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max also was able to outperform the Pixel 8 Pro.

It’s important to note that Apple has optimized its A series chips to playback video and the Pixel’s screen has a greater overall brightness and can consume more battery.

In terms of charging you can charge the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached fully charged in just an hour and fifty minutes as well as it was able to fully charge in just over an hour. Pixel 8 Pro was fully charged in just an one hour, 20 minutes. I used a 30 watt power brick to charge both. It’s true that the iPhone 15 Pro Max supports up to 27W of power, and it’s Pixel 8 Pro maxes out at 30W, which is the reason how it was the Pixel won the race.

One of the things I found most thrilling about this procedure was the fact that, although I was using the different cables that each phone came with it was possible to utilize the same cable on each phone, since they both come with USB-C ports. Thank Apple for Apple for finally understanding.

What is the cost for each phone?

All those specifications and features aren’t cheap.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced at $1200 for 128GB. It’s possible to get the same amount of storage for the Pixel 8 Pro for just under $1000. The phones are also available in 1TB versions for those who want to shell out an extra 100 dollars.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in white, black, blue, and natural titanium. In addition, the Pixel 8 Pro comes in blue, black and white – which is also referred to as “bay,” as Google calls it.

Google promises seven years of software updates in the Pixel 8 lineup. Apple isn’t committing to a certain amount of time, but at present, iOS 17 support is available for 5 years back to 5 years ago. iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Vs. Pixel 8 Pro final thoughts

So when both phones come with amazing cameras, vivid displays, and a long battery life which should I pick?

I’m awestruck by the portrait mode. I also like the way selfies appear on the device, too. I’m also a fan of the speedier charging and AI features are distinctive and are a great help. Since making the switch to an iPhone over Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy lineup last year, I’ve been missing the ability to delete unwanted objects out of my phone’s gallery It was great to be able to do it again along with more sophisticated photo editing capabilities.

However, what I love about the iPhone is its superior video quality all around particularly when you’re in Cinematic mode. The video quality is clearer and crisper and this is also applicable to the display. The longer the battery lasts is always a plus even if it takes a bit longer to recharge.

It’s time to add that the Apple system is incomparable. The combination of top software and hardware will make me reach at Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it’s a close match in this case. In the end, there are some things I’d like to perform on the Pixel and the reverse is true. What’s most important is your needs whether you’re making videos, taking photos or watching films, or having the latest AI-powered editing capabilities at your fingertips.

Watch the video above to watch each phone in action and also to read more of my thoughts on the two phones.

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