20 Surprising Items Covered by Home Insurance You Never Knew About

Home insurance is an essential aspect of protecting your most valuable asset. While most homeowners are familiar with the standard coverage for common perils like fire, theft, and natural disasters, many are unaware of the surprising items covered by home insurance policies. In this article, we’ll explore 20 weird things covered by home insurance that might leave you astonished and appreciative of the comprehensive protection your policy offers.

1.   Falling Space Debris:

Believe it or not, some home insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by falling space debris, such as satellites or fragments from rockets. While it may sound like science fiction, the risk is genuine, and insurance companies acknowledge this potential hazard.

2.   Volcanic Eruptions:

For homeowners living in volcanic regions, home insurance can be a lifesaver. It often covers property damage resulting from volcanic eruptions, including ash, lava flows, and airborne debris.

3.   Aircraft Crashes:

In the unfortunate event of an aircraft crash causing damage to your property, home insurance has you covered. It may include coverage for both damage and liability in such unusual situations.

4.   Riots and Civil Commotion:

If your home sustains damage during a riot or civil commotion, home insurance typically provides coverage for repairs and replacements, ensuring you can rebuild your life after such unexpected events.

5.   Sinkholes:

Certain regions are prone to sinkholes due to geological factors. Home insurance can offer coverage for the structural damage caused by these ground collapses.

6.   Meteors and Asteroids:

Yes, you read that right! Some home insurance policies cover damage caused by meteors and asteroids colliding with your property. Although extremely rare, it’s comforting to know you’re protected against celestial impacts.

7.   Power Surges:

Power surges can wreak havoc on your electrical appliances and devices. Thankfully, many home insurance policies offer coverage for the replacement or repair of damaged electronics due to power surges.

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8.   Treehouse Mishaps:

If your beloved treehouse suffers damage due to a covered peril, such as a storm or fire, your home insurance policy may cover the costs of repairs or rebuilding.

9.   Stolen Identity:

Home insurance may provide coverage for expenses related to identity theft, helping you recover from the financial losses and reclaim your identity.

10. Pet Damage:

Did your mischievous pet wreak havoc on your furniture or valuable belongings? Some home insurance policies include coverage for pet-induced damage, alleviating the burden of repair costs.

11. Freezer Contents:

If your freezer malfunctions, causing food spoilage, home insurance may cover the cost of the spoiled contents, ensuring your grocery investments don’t go to waste.

12. Falling Objects:

Coverage for damage caused by falling objects, such as satellites, trees, or debris from construction sites, is often included in standard home insurance policies.

13. Sudden Water Damage:

While gradual water damage might not be covered, sudden water damage from a burst pipe or an appliance malfunction is typically covered by home insurance.

14. Damage from Spacecraft Launches:

If you live close to a space launch site, your home may be at risk of damage from rocket launches. Fortunately, some policies offer coverage for such unique risks.

15. Food Delivery Mishaps:

Surprisingly, if a food delivery person accidentally damages your property during a delivery, certain home insurance policies may help cover the repair costs.

16. Vandalism of Headstones:

If vandals damage headstones in your family’s cemetery plot, home insurance might offer coverage for restoration expenses.

17. Meteorological Phenomena:

Unusual meteorological occurrences, like hailstorms or lightning strikes, are often covered under standard home insurance policies.

20 Surprising Items Covered by Home Insurance

18. Damage from Civil Authority:

In cases where civil authorities prevent access to your home due to a nearby disaster or emergency, home insurance might cover temporary living expenses.

19. Backed-Up Sewer Systems:

Home insurance can provide coverage for damage caused by sewer backups, which can result in costly repairs and cleanup.

20.Damage from Hover boards:

Surprisingly, some policies offer coverage for property damage caused by hover boards, considering they are a source of potential accidents and mishaps.


Home insurance isn’t just about protecting your property from the usual suspects like fires and theft. It extends its umbrella to cover a plethora of unexpected and bizarre events. From falling space debris to hover board mishaps, the range of coverage provided by home insurance is diverse and truly remarkable. As a homeowner, understanding the extent of your policy’s coverage can bring peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared for even the most bizarre circumstances that life may throw your way. Always read and understand your policy thoroughly to make the most of the protection it offers.


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